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by Edward Sheldon, CFA

Based in London, I am an investment writer and equity analyst with a passion for dividend investing.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and developed a strong interest in investing while studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Upon graduating in 2003, I began my career working in private wealth management at a small boutique investment firm in Melbourne, assisting clients with their retirement portfolios. In late 2005 I moved to London, and spent over ten years working for several institutional asset managers, in a variety of equity portfolio management support roles.

Between 2011 and 2015 I studied towards one of the most respected qualifications in the financial industry - the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification. I became a CFA charterholder in 2015, joining an elite group of less than 150,000 finance professionals worldwide, something I am extremely proud of.

However, after over a decade working for global asset managers, I came to the conclusion that my interests lay not in just crunching numbers for large institutions,  but instead - helping real people achieve their financial goals.

Hence today, I work as an investment writer and equity analyst, specialising in writing investment content and equity research for a variety of clients such as The Motley Fool, as well as being the founder of Dividend Wealth.

In over 15 years of personal investing, I have learnt many important investing lessons.

When I began investing during my university years, the Australian stock market was undergoing a powerful bull run as a result of the China-led resources boom. Speculative small-cap mining stocks were doubling in price overnight, my portfolio was surging higher by the day, and I came to the impression that investing was easy.

However, it was during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that I discovered just how tough investing can be at times. Much of the wealth that I had accumulated diminished before my eyes and I realised I had been taking excessive risks in an attempt to build wealth quickly, ignoring many of the fundamental rules of investment management.

The losses I experienced during these years led me to re-examine my investment strategy, and as a result, I discovered the benefits of dividend investing.

In my opinion, dividend investing, or more specifically, dividend growth investing is an excellent long-term investment strategy that not only allows an investor to capitalise on the power of compounding through the reinvestment of dividends, but also offers less risk and more consistent returns than many other equity-based investment strategies.

Dividend investing has received more attention in recent years, as ultra-low interest rates across the globe have made the process of accumulating and maintaining wealth more challenging. However, when searching for information related to dividend investing, I was always frustrated by the lack of resources devoted to this style of investing.

For this reason, I created Dividend Wealth, as a resource for UK investors looking to build long-term sustainable wealth through dividend-paying stocks.

Good luck with your dividend investing.

Edward Sheldon, CFA

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