Electric cars will be cheaper than gasoline and diesel models within a few years

The report has been published before Bloomberg, Specializes in analyzing electric vehicles. According to the report, production costs for family electric cars and SUVs will be lower than gasoline cars by 2026. A year later, the electric city car is also cheaper than the gasoline model. In 2030, costs will be 58 percent less than in 2020. The reason, according to the report, is that batteries will get cheaper.

According to the study, the decrease in costs caused a sharp increase in the demand for electric cars. In fact, the affordability of electric vehicles is projected to lead to passenger car sales in Europe becoming electric by 2035. According to the report, through the right measures, such as strengthening electric vehicle charging infrastructure and stricter CO2 emissions values ​​for the models supplied With combustion engines, this should be possible.

The Green Parties are using the document to indicate that there should be a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars across Europe by 2035. A number of European countries want to ban the sale of these models from 2030. Currently, 81 percent of the 15,000 drivers in England believe That electric cars are currently too expensive to buy today. A BloombergNEF report released and commissioned by Transport and the environment.

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