Ellen Hogg’s easy-to-measure tips for a healthy meal

Therefore, in Hoog’s house, as many pure ingredients as possible are cooked. This starts with breakfast. “We often eat oatmeal. My daughter boy loves it too. With lots of fruit and something different each time, with different milk, different fruit, or I put nuts in for myself.”

This does not mean that the former elite athlete never orders food. I also got to the Thuisbezorgd app on a lazy day. But whoever thinks that a healthy and natural bite is not in it is mistaken. Salads, bowls, wraps, and sometimes pasta or pizza: the former best athlete he has now Long list of restaurants Where she can order delicious and healthy meals.

Ellen Hogg’s tips

Because even if you’re on a healthy run, pizza is no problem. “I would say: stick to 80-20, because it’s also cool to do sometimes to cheatHe said high. “Of course you can take the chips, but make sure, for example, that you don’t eat the whole bag right away. And you don’t eat it every day. It’s about a good balance.”

The athlete also says, do not change your entire eating schedule at once and get rid of your favorite snacks. “Make small adjustments. Wheat bread instead of white bread, unroasted nuts instead of nuts, cured meats twice a week instead of seven times a week.”

So keep your diet as normal as possible. But indulge it too, Hoog offers advice for anyone who finds it difficult to distinguish a healthy meal from an unhealthy one. “Buy a book, find a trusted website, or follow people on social media who have the right knowledge. You can know that sugar is bad, but if you know exactly what’s going on with sugar in your body, you think more about how much sugar you’re eating.” Per day “.

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Do you want to get more inspiration or discover new restaurants? At The Takeaway, Thuisbezorgd.nl’s blog, you can read all about new food trends and popular places – like Ellen Hoog’s favorites.

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