These Android smartphones have received a (security) update – week 31

The new month so it’s time for a new security patch. In addition, many manufacturers have rolled out some old updates and we have also seen the emergence of Android 11 for a smartphone.

Read on after the announcement.

Android Security Update Week 31 – 2021 overview

Every week we publish dozens of news on Android Planet about new devices and apps, give tips, publish videos and you can read all about smartphone updates. To keep everything organized, we’ve posted some overviews of the big updates. Then check it out too Android 11 update overview And of course that Android 12 update overview, for the release of the operating system that will follow later this year.

Then there is the big Security update overviewYou can quickly see when your smartphone has received security updates. These patches are also very important, as they help protect your device from adwareAnd MalwareAnd ransomware or for example porcelain.

In this weekly overview, which we publish every Friday, we keep track of all the updates for you. This way you know instantly when an update is released for your device, both the version update and the security patch. Do you see the smartphone in the list below, but you haven’t seen an update yet? Don’t worry, it may take a while to get started, so be patient.




Motorola Moto G5G Plus review



Oppo Reno 4


Can’t see the update right away? please wait

Hundreds of devices are released every year, so it’s easy if your device isn’t on the list above. Updates roll out regularly, so you may have better luck in the next round. Such a rollout can begin first in other countries, so you simply need to be patient.

Did you receive an update on your device or tablet? Let us know right away, for example by sending an email to [email protected]! Of course you can also find us at FacebookAnd Instagram in a Twitter. Finally, you can also leave a comment in the comments below if you see an update. Thanks!

How to update Android updates and protect your smartphone

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