First – Morgan presents an amazing off-road sports car: the Morgan Plus Four CX-T + VIDEO

Today’s first special. One we didn’t expect at all. It’s all about electricity now and it looks like the real head of gasoline has been relegated to the history books. Then you are surprised that there is still a surprise. From a brand known for building on a classic theme and sticking with it for decades. Can such a brand offer something new and amazing? Something that impresses fans of rough cars along the road? So yes! It also comes from England. Apparently they sat for a while in Malvern (Worcestershire) and voila, the result was: From Morgan Plus Four CX-T!

The Plus Four served as a starting point and confirms that it is once again a detailed explanation of the current topic. But it’s very special, because Morgan has Create the insanely cool offroad car. You can participate in the Dakar Rally with her. Morgan did not do it alone, because these types of vehicles required a lot of knowledge and skill to build them. Experience is critical and without Rally Raid UK Morgan helped develop this special rally car. This is not a difficult task for Rally Raid UK, because all the insiders know that they specialize in it.

Morgan Plus 4CXT2

The Plus Four CX-T is a special Morgan project that redefines the capabilities of the Morgan sports car. This powerful car introduces new destinations and possibilities and is a Morgan like you’ve never seen before. Built by Vehicle building expert at Dakar Rally Rally Ride UK, Every aspect of the Plus Four CX-T has been carefully studied to prepare it for a rugged, wild adventure in remote conditions.

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Morgan Plus 4CXT3

CX-T: A Sports Car With Its Adventurous Gene
What started as a sketch on the walls of Morgan’s design studio has turned into the most capable Morgan ever. The Plus Four CX-T is based on the Plus Four standard with some significant modifications. One of the driving forces behind the project is to demonstrate the strength of the CX-Generation’s aluminum platform, which supports Morgan’s four-wheeled vehicles, so that the Plus Four CX-T chassis remains intact.

Morgan Plus 4CXT4

The platform and powertrain are the two things where the similarities end. Rally Ride UK has relied on its considerable expertise, combined with Morgan’s flair for exciting design and purposeful aesthetics. The bodywork that sits on the rear of the vehicle has an endless list of equipment, a custom suspension system, an exhaust system, and larger wheels and tires are just some of the upgrades that help complement the Plus Four CX-T’s gear.

Morgan Plus 4CXT5

Speed ​​Trials: T IN CX-T
Once HFS Morgan produced the first Morgan Runabout, it entered UK reliability trials. He and his creations have been trusted from the start and have achieved countless successes. This success helped create the Morgan Motor Company and was very important in contributing to its growth.

Morgan Plus 4CXT6

Rooted in Morgan’s success in these speed trials, the CX-T project is inspired by the incredible journeys Morgan owners have made over the past 100 years. It celebrates the spirit of adventure that has pervaded the Morgan brand since HFS Morgan’s first run on the Runabout.

Morgan Plus 4CXT7

Endless possibilities
Load up your luggage, put on your gear and go on an adventure. Morgan was always about the journey, not just the destination. The CX-T goes one step further and opens up more possibilities. Plus Four CX-T’s nature and many of its customizations will keep you going even when the normal road ends.

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Morgan Plus 4CXT8

Equipped for adventure
The rear of the Plus Four CX-T has been replaced with an equipment mount that houses a set of purpose-built equipment. The mount contains two durable, water-resistant Pelican cans, one Zarges aluminum storage/tool ​​box, two 11-liter Rotopax containers and two spare wheel/tire holders. Additionally, for those venturing off the beaten path, rescue gear such as sand mats and tow ropes are provided, which are handy on the outside of the vehicle if needed. All external mounting systems for all storage units and equipment are carefully designed to be robust and easily accessible when needed.

Morgan Plus 4CXT9

strong and ready
While the Plus Four CX-T shares the same platform as its road siblings, a series of modifications have been made under the chassis to ensure it fits its purpose in rough terrain. A five-piece undercarriage system consisting of the engine guard, rear body guard, center shield, and rear undercarriage helps protect the chassis and key components from damage when driving in harsh conditions. The car also features a fully customized exhaust system with a side outlet at the rear, which contributes 230mm off the ground.

Morgan Plus 4CXT 10

functional interior
The RAM mounting rail is integrated into the dashboard to allow secure connection of a variety of devices such as phones or cameras. A flexible map light, pencil and laptop stand are also integrated, all designed to withstand use in harsh driving environments.

Morgan Plus 4CXT11

In-cab storage has also been improved with the addition of a removable card/document holder and insulated cooler bag, both of which are located in the passenger’s footwell. A custom first aid kit is installed in the inner roll cage behind the seats. The cabin is surrounded by a composite hardtop unique to the Plus Four CX-T and intricately designed to fit between the interior and exterior roll cages. Storage space for side monitors neatly arranged on top of the surface.

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Morgan Plus 4CXT 13

Everything is made to order
Suspension is engineered to be expedition-ready: strong and fit for purpose. Durability and a fender distance of 230mm are achieved using Plus Six modified wishbones. These widen the track and provide the extra arc of movement needed to achieve the desired spring performance. The wheel arch grooves have also been modified, allowing the suspension to be compressed deep into the wheel arch for maximum traction and stability. The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is packed with details that make it fit for hard work. He’s like all his predecessors, a real Morgan!

Enjoy the amazing Morgan Plus Four CX-T for over 2 minutes:

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