Entering the final climate summit: Will the 1.5 degree target survive Glasgow? What about wholesale coal?

A lot of attention was paid to that latest formula this afternoon coal. The new text refers only to the phasing out of so-called “dirty” coal, since no technology is used during combustion to collect and store the carbon particles released (the so-called Carbon capture and storage CCS).

US Climate Envoy John Kerry He indicated that his country already supported that new sentence. The second sentence relates to subsidies: it is now “phasing out inactive In his intervention, Kerry noted that over the past five to six years, $2,500 billion has gone to subsidies to fossil fuels, which he called “crazy.”

What to renew National Climate Pledges From different countries (so-called NDCs), negotiators hope this will be a detour to maintain the 1.5-degree target, if this COP does not produce a strong enough final chord. It would then be the intention of the countries to set renewed ambitions by the next COP in Egypt that would still maintain a score and a half intact.

It is normal that the initial text is softened because the file closing word It must be accepted by all countries. The question remains to what extent the text will be diluted. While in the first version the chapter on climate measures still contains twenty paragraphs, at present there are only seven.

from Chinese negotiator Zhao Yingmin said he thinks the second version has already improved over the first. He said it’s not so much in terms of emissions cuts, but in terms of adapting to new climate realities and the technology has to be stronger.

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Simon Steele, Minister of Climate for the Island State Grenada Of the Caribbean, he said, “If the second version were up, we’d still stick that one and a half degrees with our fingernails. But the current script is probably the best we can get out of it.”

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