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EU citizens in the United Kingdom have made great efforts to arrange their residency status shortly before a deadline. The Guardian reported this on Thursday. About 50,000 people came in a day, or five times more than in the previous period.

Attendance was so high that the British Home Office decided to extend the deadline. It was supposed to expire at midnight, but applications received before 9am on Thursday would also be accepted.

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The United Kingdom withdrew from the EU last year, settling their residency status for EU citizens who wanted to stay until June 30. In doing so, they retain the right to work, rental accommodation and study. In total, at least 5.6 million entries were received.

The roll-out of the new system does not seem to be going smoothly. EU citizens complain on social media that they have not asked the government since they applied. Also, some companies are not yet aware of the new residency status for Europeans.

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