iPhone 13 gets big files and reverse wireless charging

iPhone 13 gets bigger coils and reverse wireless charging

Even over the weekend there will be no end to the flow of rumors about what’s next iPhone 13. This time the rumor comes from Max Weinbach via EverythingApplePro to the light. pretend to an Apple Do not sit still from where Wireless charging. It remains to be seen if the rumors are true. These sources have a mixed record when it comes to hearsay.

Charging at a higher wattage

Currently, the iPhone 12String support for Wireless charging Maximum power 15 watts. This only applies if you use MagSafe. If you use a regular wireless charger, it will be limited to 7.5W – also for even older iPhones and include iPhone 8. With larger coils, Apple can increase this to 15 watts. It is not said exactly what the speed will be.

OnePlus 9 Pro, released in March 2021, supports 50W Wireless charging. Huawei and Xiaomi are also working hard with top speeds of 50W. So it doesn’t seem so strange an Apple Want to make progress in this area. Large coils can help with this, as the heat can be distributed better. For safety reasons, the charging speed may decrease if the temperature is too hot the battery.

Reverse wireless charging, is it really coming?

Last year there were rumors about the arrival Reverse wireless charging on iPhone 12. Instead of just receiving power, the Iphone It can also “send” electricity. With this, for example, AirPodsA box on your back Iphone able to charge it. Unfortunately, these rumors turned out to be not true for iPhone 12.

This year, we’ve already covered some wireless charging rumors. In fact, one of these rumors claimed that Apple There is no reverse wireless charging in iPhone at the moment Bloomberg said. So it’s hard to judge how reliable Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro will be this time around. Both consider this addition “maybe” and therefore does not provide complete certainty.

It is said that Apple has plans to Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging for iPad Pro 2022 To bring. Furthermore, the company may be working on a file iPhone battery pack with wireless charging. Either way, it doesn’t look like Apple is still sitting there. By the way, it is already possible to charge your iPhone via a cable from your mobile phone iPad Pro.

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