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“This is another step towards the EU goal of climate neutrality by 2050. “Today is a good day for our citizens, our economy and our planet,” Spain’s Minister for Environmental Transition, Teresa Ribera, welcomed the agreement. Spain currently still holds the presidency of the EU Council.

“Buildings are responsible for more than a third of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to this agreement, we can improve the energy performance of buildings, reduce emissions and fight energy poverty,” she said in a press release.

Member states will now have to take action to ensure emissions from residential buildings are reduced by at least 22 percent by 2035. For non-residential buildings, this represents a 26 percent reduction by 2033.

He added that Parliament is pushing the option of solar installations “on public and non-residential buildings, depending on their size, and on all new residential buildings by 2030,” and the text also calls for the phase-out of fossil fuel boilers by 2030. 2040.

The agreement still needs to be formally approved by Parliament and the Council (member states).

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