Europe’s stormy weather isn’t over yet? After Isha, the tenth storm of the season, Jocelyn, looms on the horizon Science and the planet

Europe had only just recovered from Storm Isha, which caused code red in the British Isles and code yellow in our country, when the next storm had already arrived. A new storm depression is expected to occur north of the United Kingdom during Tuesday night into Wednesday. The British and Irish weather services have already issued code yellow. Depression currently has no official name for the storm. If the UK Met Service gave one it would be ‘Josselin’. But will the storm hit Jocelyn as hard as it hit her predecessor, Isha? What can we expect from this storm?

How could the next storm form so quickly?

The jet stream will operate at full speed in the coming days. It even increases her strength a little. By Tuesday, the atmospheric river will head straight towards the British Isles, reaching speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. On the north side of this powerful jet stream, the next storm depression develops rapidly in the wake of Isha’s storm depression. This will pass north of Scotland on Tuesday evening and descend towards Scandinavia across the North Sea overnight into Wednesday and Wednesday during the day.

By Tuesday, the air river will be pointing its arrows directly at the British Isles © Netweather

South of this gusty depression there is again a field of strong winds that this time will mainly affect Northern Ireland, Scotland and the northern United Kingdom. Initially it is a southwesterly storm, but at the back of the storm depression the winds shift from west to northwest. The British and Irish Meteorological Services have already declared a code yellow for this storm in anticipation of potential storm damage. People are once again warning of power outages and possible traffic delays. It may be possible to expand Code Orange locally in coastal areas.

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If the storm is indeed named by the weather services, it will be called “Jocelyn.” This will be the tenth storm of the current storm season.

Will Jocelyn be as fierce as Isha?

The storm is expected to reach its peak Tuesday evening and overnight into Wednesday. Wind speeds of up to 70mph are currently expected in northern Ireland, Scotland and the northern UK. A single peak speed of 120 kilometers per hour cannot be ruled out according to some weather models, especially in the western coastal region. In other places, wind gusts are limited to 90 kilometers per hour.

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Wind speeds are likely to reach 110 kilometers per hour during this storm depression.
Wind speeds are likely to reach 110 kilometers per hour during this storm depression. © Wackcharts

Overnight until Wednesday, the wind field will move eastward over the North Sea and wind speeds may reach 90, and perhaps locally up to 100 kilometers per hour also temporarily offshore and in the northwestern coastal areas of the Netherlands. On Wednesday, the storm field will move towards Denmark and Germany. By then, the winds will have weakened somewhat with gusts between 75 and 90 kilometers per hour.

Will the situation continue to be this turbulent for us?

After dinner we will take a break on Tuesday. The wind strength decreases and is still blowing moderate from the southwest. However, as the evening approaches, the winds pick up again to become very strong, and overnight into Wednesday, the winds become somewhat stronger. After that, the southwesterly winds will blow strong to very strong, and offshore they will be temporarily strong to strong. Wind speeds could then rise to 60 to 80 kilometers per hour inland. By sea and on the highest peaks, it is also possible to reach peaks at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

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For this purpose, a yellow code may be issued for some parts of the country. Wind strength will gradually decrease again during Wednesday. The weather on Thursday will be calmer, with weak and then moderate winds blowing at times. On Friday, winds will blow moderately to very strong again, but we should not expect gusty winds right away.

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