India wants to close its borders with Myanmar outside

India wants to close its long, porous border with Myanmar. Indian media wrote this on Sunday, citing Indian Home Minister Amit Shah. Therefore, New Delhi will put an end to the freedom of movement agreement in the border area that it concluded with Naypyidaw.

This march comes after hundreds of Myanmar soldiers crossed the border after being attacked in their country by ethnic minority groups. The government “has decided to completely close the open border between India and Myanmar,” Shah said in a video clip distributed by the Times of India.

However, closing the border seems easier said than done, as not only does it cover a distance of more than 1,200 km, but the border also passes through the jungle and over the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

It is not known when India intends to close the borders and how exactly it intends to do so. Shah indicated that the principle of freedom of movement in the border area between the two countries will be put to an end. According to its own statistics, India had previously managed to close nearly 2,000 km of its border with Pakistan and at least 3,100 km of its border with Bangladesh.

The military has been in power again in Myanmar since 2021. Since last fall, various minority groups have targeted the government army in the north of the country. Many places considered crucial for trade with neighboring China were occupied. After Chinese pressure, the alliance declared a ceasefire, but fighting continues on the border with India.

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