Ukraine wins the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

Europe’s biggest music festival erupted again tonight with The The Great Conclusion From Turin, Italy. No country other than Ukraine emerged as the biggest winner in 2022, but despite many predictions, it remained incredibly exciting until the end. This was the final match of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The most exciting moments of the Song Contest 2022>

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Final

Singer Laura Pausini, one of the evening’s three hosts, opened the show with a fun package of all her songs and looks. In an orange creation that soon changed to a white cloak, a blue dress and then a long yellow coat, she began the show in a versatile style. In no less than nine (!) outfits in total, I spoke with take it easy-singer Mica and TV host Alessandro Cattelan put the show together. About late presentation skills Eurovision presenter from last year, Chantal JanzinOn Twitter, she said she was grateful they took out the jokes that were rehearsed last year: “Thank you, lyricist Gerbine Packer, for not writing the jokes in our scripts last year.”

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Big Five

The countries of Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the host country Italy always hold a place in the Eurovision Song Contest final as a benchmark. This year, expectations have been particularly high for Briton Sam Ryder – he has caught the attention of Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys online, among others – but perhaps the surprise of the evening is Spain, who this year played Chanel in steamy Performing with a song that wasn’t originally intended for anyone but Jennifer Lopez (and you can tell!). France had a tape with Barbara BravitchVoila last year too high. So Alvin and Ahes couldn’t get past last year’s result in Breton and ended up at the bottom of the list with Germany.

S10 out of the top ten

The Dutch entry S10 came in at number 11, after surprising Spain and ahead of the crowd-favorite Ukraine. It wasn’t the most advantageous position to start, but Stien den Hollander was not put off and touched everyone in the room with her Dutch song “De Diepte”. Spotify expected it to finish third in the final, so its final eleventh place is somewhat disappointing.

And the winner is…

Was it out of sympathy or was it a number Stefania By the Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra is also just a powerful piece of music? Ukraine can count on at least 400 spectator points at home and won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with conviction.Unanimous statement from Europe, through music.

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