Strengthens, duo: This is how dangerous bathroom poop is to your health

Parrot disease is also called parrot disease, in this case we are talking specifically about the genotype of Chlamydia psittaci B. If you inhale this bacteria – through pigeon droppings for example – you can get pneumonia.


People who develop this pneumonia often become seriously ill and end up in intensive care. It can be treated very well with antibiotics, but this is just another antibiotic than regular pneumonia. Although it is relatively rare, according to RIVM.

In addition to psittacosis, pigeons can also transmit salmonella, carrying parasites and cryptococcus. Although people with good resistance to crypto editors don’t usually get sick.

to clean

Although the RIVM states that pigeon droppings do not pose a major public health problem, it is best to clean it up with a mouthpiece. The powdery substance—which has been around for a while—turns into dust when you try to scrape a coat off your balcony. The gases released in the process are not very healthy.

Of course, it’s not for nothing that cleaning professionals wear overalls, gloves, goggles, and a mouthpiece when removing large amounts of pigeon droppings. Also good advice: Never use a high pressure cleaner, but clean the thing in a calm and disciplined manner. So damn dirty.

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