EvdWL on Red Dead Redemption Remaster, PS5 Slim & GTA V

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Today is Friday. The sun is shining, a warm weekend is just around the corner, and we’re ready to start taping a new episode of our weekend live. The talk show in which our hosts discuss the top stories of the past seven days. with each other and with the community. Today JJ accompanies duo Jelle & Koos in the studio. Together they will go through a large number of topics with you in the next hour and a half. For example, they discuss news about the Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show lineups. Who stands where and what games are they looking forward to? Of course, rumors surrounding a Red Dead Redemption remake or remake are also being considered. These rumors are getting stronger day by day. You can watch and hear this and many other topics on EvdWL on Friday 7th July 2023.

Will we actually get a “new” version of Red Dead Redemption?

There is also talk of Peter Molyneux returning. Does he hold back a bit this time around when it comes to making promises about his new game or does he blow things up the old fashioned way? And do we think there will actually be a PS5 Slim in stores this fall for €399 as Microsoft claims? You can see and hear this and many other controversial details in this edition of Weekend Live.

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