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Where does this claim come from?

The wounds are still a matter of debate (1). According to one, it is better to let it heal “in the air”, according to the other, even the smallest wounds should be covered with a plaster.

The original idea was that air helps the wound heal, but this is not true. A dry wound heals less quickly. The wound remains under the plaster Slightly dampwhat Speeds up the healing process.

Moreover, the cover also contains Protective function. Dirt cannot get into the wound and clothing cannot rub against it.


(1) https://www.maxvandaag.nl/sessions/themas/gezondheid-sport/wel-of-niet-een-pleister-op-een-wondje-doe…

How should you interpret this news?

Before covering a wound, it is very important to clean the affected skin properly To clean. This should preferably be done under one A stream of running lukewarm water, which is aimed directly at the wound. If the wound is very dirty, you can use a sterile compress Remove excess dirt. Dry the skin around the wound and then cover it with a wound bandage.

Read practical help tips from the Belgian Red Cross in Flanders here.


It is best to cover every scratch, large or small, with a bandage after rinsing the wound well and then patting the surrounding skin dry. The wound heals faster in a slightly moist environment. Allowing the wound to air dry is not a good idea because dehydration slows the healing process and can introduce dirt into the wound.


Red Cross Flanders

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