Finally: iPhone gets USB-C — but you need patience

Yes, you read that right: According to new rumors, the iPhone is finally getting USB-C. Here’s what you need to know about the new connection.

iPhone Lightning

The iPhone has had a Lightning connector since 2012. At the time, Apple portrayed this as a “connection for the next 10 years.” Until then, Apple still used the old 30-pin connector.

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Although Lightning is an easy connection, there has been a lot of criticism of the Apple plug in recent years. Almost all smartphones and other devices use USB-C – including IPAD And MacBook† This is an irritation, because you always need a different cable for your iPhone than your other devices.

iPhone with USB-C

Apple usb c cable

According to usually trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there’s finally good news: the iPhone is making the switch to USB-C! This is likely due to the European Union’s commitment that every smartphone has a USB-C connection, among other things to prevent electronic waste.

However, according to Ku, we still have to be patient: iPhone 14 Which we expect in September is still hanging on by lightning. The iPhone that will be announced in 2023, most likely the iPhone 15, will have USB-C.

Advantages of iPhone with USB-C

In addition to the fact that you will soon only need one cable and one charger for all your devices, USB-C offers even more advantages. For example, it supports higher wattage, which makes ultra-fast charging possible.

USB-C’s data rate is also very high, which means that downloading large movie files from your iPhone is much faster: even 40 times faster speeds are possible compared to Lightning.

source: Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter

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