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Denise O’Brien sells unknown in Belgium Communicorp Media

Fire MediaOriginally a German multimedia joint venture, but later became a major international player, reaching about 22 million ‘customers’ in the UK. The company is now taking its first steps in Ireland Communicorp MediaThe media mogul is owned by Denise O’Brien. Today the commercial broadcasters FM and Newsstock, as well as various local radio stations including 98 FM in Dublin, will transfer ownership.

This sale completes O’Brien’s long and important involvement (Photo) This is not new to Belgium. In 2019 he sold his 29% interest in Independent News and Media to MediaHouse, newspaper publisher de Standard and Head Newsplot and radio stations owner Nostalki and NRJ.

It is not known how much Bauer paid for his Irish purchase, with well-known sources talking about more than a hundred million euros. The sale has not yet been approved by various cartel monitoring groups. Ireland will be the eighth country to be active with Boer Radio.

Kiss, the absolute and best-selling radio already owns the UK. In Poland these are RMF FM and RMF Classic. Mikas Megapol and Rock Classic for Sweden. Radio Express (Slovakia), Radio Norge & Kiss (Norway), Radio Nova & Iskelme (Fingland), Nova FM, Pop FM and Radio 100 (Depmark) also fly under the Power flag.

Communicorp in the United Kingdom is currently in the hands of O’Brien. The media mogul already owns a dozen radio stations, most of which are owned. These include global brands Capital, Hart and Smooth. Only XS Manchester is still independent. Attempts to replace the station with Capitol Extra failed last year. (BVP-

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