Five thousand truck drivers wanted to smash store shelves

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Currently in our country there are five thousand vacancies for truck drivers. Viptra, the consortium of Belgian carriers and logistics providers, announced the order the day before the customer’s weekend. It seems that “if we want store shelves to remain full in the future, we urgently need additional engines”.

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The consequences of the truck driver shortage are becoming clear in the UK. There are people with a shortage of fuel and empty shelves in supermarkets for lack of availability.

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“Without truck drivers, the world would stop spinning and we wouldn’t realize it enough,” says Isabel de Maiguet of Vipetra. “Without truck drivers, shelves in supermarkets and stores would remain empty, all construction sites would be shut down and factories would stop working.” She points out that it is a great profession and a job with a future. Interested parties can find more information about the profession and vacancies in

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To fill thousands of vacancies in our country, Febetra also organizes Truck Driver’s Day on December 9th. On that day, the federation wants everyone to roll out the red carpet for drivers. Drivers in different places will receive a small gift such as a cup of coffee, a snack or a ticket.

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In response, Flemish Minister of Economy and Labor Hilda Krevits noted that the number of people being trained to become truck drivers is rising sharply. Nearly 1,000 people followed the training this year, which is more than 2020 in all. If this trend continues, more people will pursue education this year than at any time in the past five years,” the minister said. To further this matter, we are improving our cooperation with partners. For example, we have an agreement with the Ministry of Defense to use the training ground and thus Expansion of training venues. In the meantime, VDAB is looking for better cooperation with De Lijn and bpost, for example to enhance training there as well.”

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