Flanders joins court action against French wind farm off the coast of De Ban

Flanders joins legal action initiated by the federal government against the construction of a French wind farm. Prime Minister Jean Gambon (N-VA) made the statement in Parliament on Wednesday after questions from Bert Martins (N-VA) and Martin Fournier (CD&V).

France wants to build a park of 46 windmills up to 300 meters high off the coast of Dunkirk. They are built in French territorial waters, but are located in the airspace controlled by Belgium.

Several mayors have previously expressed concerns about the location of the wind farm. The park will cause visual inconvenience to the residents of the coastal municipalities De Panne, Koksijde and Nieuwpoort. Certain historic shipping routes between the ports of Ostend and the United Kingdom will also be blocked.

European lawsuit and complaint

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Our country tried to offer a solution by suggesting an alternative venue. After several consultations with North Sea Minister Vincent van Quekenborn, the developer decided to continue the project according to the original plans. Minister Van Koukenborn announced at the end of last week that a lawsuit is now being filed against the decision. Flanders agrees. “In addition to this procedure, there is also a European procedure,” Gambon said on Wednesday, “whereby Belgium, as a member state, files a complaint against another member state because it did not adequately consult our country, against He has to reach a court decision. I hope from the bottom of my heart that the joint signal will compel France to reach a negotiated solution.” Mayors side by side against French windmills: “Not in front of my beach”

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