FM to attend a series of shows in Switzerland, the Netherlands

Foreign Minister Dr. Abdul Mohann will attend the Asia Pacific Regional Review Meeting on the Implementation of the Istanbul Plan of Action in preparation for the Fifth United Nations Conference on Low Countries (UNLDC-5).

Doctor. Moman said that the Geneva event will be co-chaired by Bangladesh and Canada and will run from Monday (August 30) to September 2.

The foreign minister, who visited Geneva on Sunday morning, will make a statement during the event.

The Fifth United Nations Conference on Low Developed Countries (LDC5) will be held in Doha from January 23 to 27, 2022.

While in Geneva, Dr. VN different locked. He is also expected to meet with agency heads.

Meanwhile, from 6-7 September, a meeting of the Center for Global Adaptation (GCA), chaired by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Doctor. Moamen is a board member of JSA and will attend the meeting.

A senior Foreign Office official told UNP that Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, COP26 Alok Sharma, President-elect of the United Kingdom, and several ministers from member countries of the Climate Impact Forum (CVF) will attend.

Bangladesh is the current leader of CVF. Doctor. Momen will hold a bilateral meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister Sikrit Gauk.

How can growth leadership help adapt to climate change? Another upcoming event with the title. Dutch experts will collaborate with experts in fragile housing in the south to discuss how to develop innovative solutions for floating development.

The Secretary of State will return to the country on September 9.

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