Follow Rutte and De Jonge’s press conference live on NPO Radio 1

This afternoon, outgoing Prime Minister Rota and outgoing Minister De Jong will hold another press conference on the situation regarding Coronavirus in the Netherlands. The press conference will likely begin at 2 pm. Today, the government is expected to announce a curfew. You can follow Rutte and De Jonge’s press conference live on NPO Radio 1 this afternoon.

The curfew, which the Cabinet wants to impose, aims to stop the spread of the British alternative to the Coronavirus. Infection numbers are currently declining, but are expected to rise again when the more contagious British variant of the Coronavirus is the best. The curfew will reduce contacts between people, in order to slow the spread of the British alternative. The curfew, which is being considered by the Cabinet, starts at 8.30pm and end time at 4.30am. This will take effect on Friday at the earliest.

In addition to the curfew, other measures are on the table. For example, there is talk of further reducing home visitation, and now two more people may be received in the home, then this number will move to one.

The Cabinet is also considering more restrictions on air traffic. For example, in addition to the compulsory PCR test, it is also indicated as a mandatory rapid test for people returning from a high-risk area. Currently, according to travel advice from the State Department, that’s the whole world. The fast-test rule now only applies to travelers from the UK and South Africa. The flight ban from these last two countries is also on the table.

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Additional measures may change. After the press conference, RIVM Director Van Dissel will report to the House of Representatives in a technical briefing. Then, at 3:30 p.m., a parliamentary debate will begin, as it must be clear whether the cabinet receives adequate support for these measures.

You can follow Rutte and De Jonge’s press conference live on NPO Radio 1 this afternoon.

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