Robot Kittens develops a dating app: Vidate

The new dating app “Vidate” has been developed by creative technology agency Robot Kittens. Unlike other dating apps, users can only upload videos (without filters) of themselves. Users are also asked questions based on their interests, which they answer within a 30-minute video appointment to continue the conversation. As a result, singles instantly have a real impression of their potential date, with the idea: “Because you are more fun in real life.” The app is now available through the App store and Google Play.

Janet Van Zelderen, founder of Vidate: “Most dating apps are full of edited pictures and arranging a date that takes forever. On average, it takes 38 hours to scroll and chat! I thought this could be more effective. Using the free Vidate app, users can create a video. The profile has a maximum of 20 seconds. This can only be included in the app itself, without a filter. Then matches continue over a short video history. Not chatting for hours, but getting to know each other instantly. Then you know exactly where you stand. The first Vidate lasts 5 minutes The second lasts 30 minutes. We are interested in the topics of the conversation. “

Tijmen Mulder, co-founder of Robot Kittens: “We’ve created an app that’s easy to use, in a colorful environment and with fun video features. We often notice that startups are making compromises in design and user experience at this point. So it’s fine to work on this. It was at the top of our priority list. Users can create a promotional video with a minimum of five to a maximum of 20 seconds. If they like each other, they will have a video history of five minutes. If they like each other, they can request a second 30 minute Vidate, They get 30 questions to answer. If they haven’t finished speaking yet, they’ll get each other’s phone number. For this app, we use Unity to get graphical accuracy and a serverless background to ensure it continues a smooth experience for many users. “

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Client: Vidat
Client of Responsibility: Janet Van Zelderen
The office: robot cats
Account: Tejman Mulder and Didi Van Dujinar
Producers: Tejman Mulder
Strategy and Creativity: Robot Kittens & Whello
Design: Quinn Copman
Technology: Tejman Mulder, Jenny Sun, Cage Genus

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