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Elite Director of the Norwegian Football Association Liz Clavens feared that international matches could be canceled due to Norwegian quarantine regulations. She says she feels the pain and is disproportionate.

The Norwegian women’s team played matches against Sweden and the Netherlands in June. Additionally, the men’s national team has a team rally that starts on Friday. In order for local players to be able to participate in both events, an exemption from the Norwegian quarantine provisions must be granted upon entry, according to the NFF.

The union leadership sent a request to the Ministry of Culture to amend the regulations.

– But now the time is coming. We need answers today to bring players from Norwegian clubs to Friday’s match for the men’s national team. Clavinis tells NTB that we might have to cancel the women’s national team meeting if we don’t get women from Norwegian clubs there.

– She adds that it is painful and impolite to cancel the two Olympic teams ’matches against Sweden and the Netherlands in the important preparatory period for the Olympic Games.

Postponed national team withdrawals

The soccer summit was canceled due to the resistance it faced in the government after the National Football League had played all international matches and matches in Europe for Norwegian clubs abroad since last fall.

Now, players from Norwegian clubs are not allowed to represent Norway, one year after the outbreak of the epidemic, they are considered desperate and unnecessary. All of our European competitors have stopped participating in the national football team since last summer. It went well, she says.

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National coach Staley Solbakin will be dismissed from the team on Tuesday at 11 am for the upcoming men’s national matches against Luxembourg and Greece. That session was postponed to Wednesday at one o’clock in the afternoon.

The National Football Confederation (NFF) hopes that by then the government will give the green light to adapt to the quarantine.

The following international competitions are held in Malaga due to entry restrictions to Norway. If Elite Series players travel there, they risk being quarantined in hotels after returning home.

Olympic exceptions

The National Football League is now hoping the government will ban the national soccer team, provided players adhere to a strict infection control regime after they return home.

Norway will meet Luxembourg on June 2 and Greece on June 6. Games are important in the run-up to this fall’s World Cup qualifying session.

Earlier this week, the government announced that athletes eligible to participate in the Tokyo Olympics this summer will be exempt from the requirement to remain in quarantine hotels after traveling abroad. The same applies to what has been described as the essential support team.

NTB contacted the Ministry of Culture to ask questions about how the NFF’s request for a revised quarantine system would be evaluated.

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