The Fuchsia OS was introduced to the Google Nest Hub 2018

The first generation Google Nest Hub from 2018 will be the first to receive the update to Fuchsia OS. The new operating system should bring improvements under the hood.

In the coming months, Google will migrate all of its smart home devices to Fuchsia OS. This puts an end to Cast OS. Since this week, Google has already started rolling out Fuchsia OS for the Nest Hub as of 2018. As a user, you won’t notice this change. However, Fuchsia OS won’t change anything about the Nest Hub UI, so he writes 9to5Google Today.

Google Fuchsia OS

So what does the new OS do? With the OS, Google wants to improve its smart home devices. Everything should go more smoothly with more efficient software. Of course, we don’t yet know if this will in fact be the case. The search engine giant shares little or no details about the performance of the new operating system.

The program is already several years It is under development and aims to provide all Google devices with better security and general updates as well as better performance in the future. The giant search engine built the software around its Zircon kernel, thus moving it away from Linux.

As mentioned, it is not known what influences Fuchsia will have on interface speed. So we have to wait for the first trials. The update will be performed automatically on the Google Nest Hub in the coming weeks. Via Settings wheel> Cast firmware version You can see which version you have.

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