Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan barricaded himself and his supporters clashed with the police | outside

On Wednesday, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan barricaded himself in front of attempts to arrest him at his home in Lahore, in the south of the country. He said the arrest warrant against him was a government plot to prevent him from participating in elections scheduled for later this year.

He said after the police failed to bring him home a second time. .

Later in the day, a court in Pakistan ruled that Khan’s arrest should be suspended for the time being.

distrust movement

Khan was ousted in a vote of no confidence in April 2022 and has since faced numerous legal challenges, but remains hugely popular and hopes to return to power after parliamentary elections in October. On Tuesday night, police clashed all night with Khan’s party (PTI) militants who resided outside his house in Zaman Park. She fired tear gas while being pelted with stones by the angry mob.

This is the second time this month that the Islamabad Metropolitan Police has sent an arrest warrant to Khan’s house in Lahore. A few weeks ago, the police tried to arrest him for the first time, without success.

Diplomatic gifts

Imran Khan, 70, must appear in court because he failed to make public all the diplomatic gifts he received during his tenure and sold some of them.

According to a list issued by Information Minister Marium Aurangzeb, these include seven watches, including one worth around 285,000 euros. In addition, Khan is also said to have received perfume sets, diamond jewellery, and crockery.

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Khan himself denies that he did anything wrong.

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