Fortnite maker is suing Google in Australia

the new Australian lawsuit It follows similar lawsuits that Epic Games has filed against Google and Apple in the US, European Union, and UK. Epic Games states that the two companies are forcing app makers to give up their income.

For apps downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, Apple and Google require that their payment systems be used when making in-app purchases. In Epic Games, for example, these are the currencies that players can buy from Fortnite. The two tech giants charge commissions of up to 30 per cent on this.

Unlike Apple, Google allows downloading apps within Android from app stores other than its own Play Store. But in the new indictment, Epic Games alleges that Google is making this “horribly difficult”, which the search engine maker may violate consumer protection laws.

The fight for app stores

Track Epic Games lawsuits after Fortnite removed from download stores. The game studio is not alone in complaining about the commission policy within the app stores. For example, Spotify, Facebook and a host of media companies like Bloomberg, The New York Times and Disney believe that Apple should do something about commissions for payments within its app store.

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