Gabe Pettito (22) disappears during a romantic journey through…

Yesterday, the police distributed a search letter for Gabi Pettito
Photo: Police North Port

In the United States, 22-year-old Gabe Pettito is being sought. The young influencer took a road trip with fiancé Brian Laundry in July. But after some fights, her boyfriend recently returned to Florida on his own. The police fear the worst, but Laundry refuses to speak.

“We are in a daze and call on everyone to help with research or to report if they know anything,” Father Joe Pettito said at a news conference in Northport on Friday. Although Gabe’s family still hopes and believes in a happy ending, they also know deep down that there is a good chance his story will end badly and that their daughter is no longer alive.

Right now, only one person may know what happened: Brian Laundry. “But he was as silent as a grave and hired a lawyer,” said Todd Garrison of the North Port Police Department.

It all looked so beautiful when family and friends said goodbye to Gabe and Brian in early July. They crossed the United States in a converted Ford sedan. Pettito, a travel influencer, is said to work on the go.

Gabe and Brian have been in love for some time and have wedding plans. But before that, Gabe definitely wanted to take this trip. “Because you two have really known each other during this long journey,” she told her friends before leaving.

National parks in the western United States have been one of the destinations for lovebirds.

Pettit called home a few times a week and there was no problem at first. But along the way, her parents found that she seemed less enthusiastic. She was a little sad, while always cheerful and always happy.

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Meanwhile, it turns out that the couple regularly quarrels during their trip. On August 12, Moab, Utah police intervened. The conversation with the police, recorded with a body camera, revealed a large hair in the butter. Gabe Pettito was just a shadow of himself, as the photos showed. She looked sad and cried. The police arranged for them to sleep separately, but they weren’t too worried. In their daily report, they referred to a “discussion between a married couple”.

22-year-old Gabi Pettito disappears during a romantic trip across the US, and her fiancé doesn't want to say what happened
According to friends, Gabe and Brian were madly in love when they left
Photo: Instagram
22-year-old Gabi Pettito disappears during a romantic trip across the US, and her fiancé doesn't want to say what happened
On August 12, she was photographed with a police camera. She was sad but refused to help
Photo: rr

But it didn’t stop there. One witness even called 911 after seeing Brian hitting the blonde woman. But based on CCTV footage, the police decided that was not intended. By the way, the fight was about pettiness: Brian got into their truck with sand on his soles, while it had just been cleaned.

What happened next remains a mystery for now. The last phone call to her parents was on August 30, when all communications ceased.

However, no one was concerned at first. Until Brian Laundrie suddenly showed up at his home base in North Port in early September with his white Ford. without his girlfriend. The police did not go unnoticed that he called a lawyer on the same day. He was put on Grid, but did not utter a single word.

“If you still have the bare minimum, tell me what happened. Tell me where Gabi is,” my father’s lawyer Pettit said at a news conference on Friday.

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He also read a letter from Gabi’s family. “Please get us out of this nightmare. We can’t sleep, we don’t eat our lives are hell at that time. Tell us where to find it.”

Police forced Brain Laundrie to look at the photos hoping it would crack. But he did not hesitate.

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