An American general warns soldiers: Do not work for China, report it if your colleagues are asked outside

The Commander-in-Chief of the US Air Forces warned his people against recruiting from China. It invites them to report it if they learn that a colleague has been asked to provide training abroad.

General Charles Brown made explicit reference to the Chinese armed forces. “The PLA wants to benefit from your knowledge and skills to compensate for the shortcomings in their military capabilities,” he wrote in a letter to soldiers.

“Companies from abroad are targeting and recruiting military talent trained by the United States and NATO in a variety of specialties and fields to train the People’s Liberation Army abroad,” Brown said. The negative consequences of such programs have been discussed for some time, but the US Armed Forces have not yet stated them definitively. China is said to be particularly looking for more experience flying from aircraft carriers.

“Allegations” and “suspicions”

“By essentially training the trainer, many who work for such foreign companies undermine our national security, put the safety of their fellow service members and the country at risk, and may even violate the law,” the general wrote in his letter. The letter is dated September 5, but was not published until Friday.

A Chinese embassy spokesman said the United States should not interfere in “normal commercial activities.” “In recent years, some US officials have easily made accusations against China and doubted the normal exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States, which is not conducive to the healthy development of China-US relations.”

President Joe Biden nominated Brown as the new Chief of the US General Staff.

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