Gasly on porpoise hunting: The FIA ​​should not force us to choose between performance or health

Pierre Gasly believes the FIA ​​should do something about the rebound of the current generation of Formula 1 cars. The AlphaTauri driver says he needs a walking cane for his 30th birthday, as his vertebrae are currently absorbing blows. He knows it probably won’t be resolved this year, but he’s moving his hopes on to next season.

This weekend many drivers complained graduation† Lewis Hamilton in particular appears to be annoyed by his bouncing car. Toto Wolff also pulled the emergency brake after the race. “It’s definitely not healthy,” says Gasly† I have an appointment with a physiotherapist before and after each session. My vertebrae really bother with bouncing, because we don’t have any suspension in the car. You just take those hits with your spine.

There seems to be one obvious solution to the difference at the moment and that is to raise the ride height. Gasly does not want to raise this option. “I’m a driver and I just want to have the fastest car. I don’t think the FIA ​​should put us in a corner where we have to choose between health or… performance† This is not sustainable. We have here at Driver briefing About it and we said there has to be a solution because I don’t want to walk with a stick when I’m 30.”

Gasly: ​​The car is moving on its own

Recoil is a particularly big problem on the Straits. This is where drivers take the hardest blows to their bodies. The Frenchman also mentions that the car doesn’t handle blows to the ground very well. “Sometimes the car moves by itself and that’s just because the steering wheel is shaking. It’s not easy at these speeds. I don’t think it can be solved this year, but I hope it will be finished next year.”

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