Russell does not understand Formula One teams: ‘Prioritizing performance over health’

George Russell is disappointed that some teams are speaking out against Technical guidance from the FIA. According to the Mercedes driver, drivers have to withstand a lot of acceleration forces while rebounding and most drivers have said at some point that they suffer from graduation† Especially this past weekend Russell suffered a rebound.

The Technical guidance The FIA ​​must ensure that drivers are no longer seriously hindered graduation† Russell knows how much stress it puts on the bodies of Formula 1 drivers. “If you’re driving on a strait, you’re going at 300 kilometers per hour and the car hits the ground,” says the young Briton. Sky Sports† “You can see that we have to carry around 10g while jumping. This is equal to ten times your body weight going through your back and neck.

“I wasn’t even able to read the crater signs last weekend. The text was just blurry because my vision wasn’t good,” continues Russell. Teammate Lewis Hamilton also suffered a lot from the rebound. After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion struggled out of his Mercedes. Hamilton says he now often needs a week to recover. “It’s really a safety issue,” Russell stresses.

Russell disappointed in F1 teams

Russell is surprised that some drivers are against Technical guidance to be. According to him, every driver complained of recoil. Now you see, the different teams have their own political agendas. Competitive teams don’t want to change, but every driver has at one point said how bad the bounce is. Too bad to see some of these now performance “Instead of prioritizing health,” the Mercedes driver said.

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