Germany one month before the elections of the century: Who will win a thrilling battle for Angela Merkel’s seat?

When two dogs fight over a bone, as the saying goes, the third runs away with it: it may be the result of the German election. Olaf Schultz, the “deceased elderly People’s Democratic Party unnecessary candidate”, suddenly joins the party and is even ahead.

He managed not to make any mistakes, which is very important in this campaign. But there is more than that and it would be a shame for a man to explain his success simply through the mistakes of others. Schulz, a Social Democrat, owes a lot to the enormous popularity that still enjoys the current chancellor, Merkel, a Christian Democrat. Schulze is described as a boring but reliable and competent politician. In this sense, replace the word “political” with the word “politician” and you’ll get Angela Merkel’s description.

Schulz also cooks with that. As the current vice chancellor in Merkel’s government, he occasionally appears by her side and uses those images in his campaign film. And last week, Schultz appeared in .’s Weekend Magazine Southgerman newspaper Her hands are folded in diamonds, the hallmark of Merkel. The message is and should be: “The real new Merkel is not in her party. Whoever wants more of that leadership should vote for me, Olaf Schulz, Social Democrat.”

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