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And how would you like to share your projects in general?

You can use such a central repo to share your code with the world, but make sure it’s not the (only) source and that you have a copy as well. This is very easy with git.

There is no decentralized system to prevent this.

There are a lot of options, they are not better, then we used them, but they are there.
The gate itself is decentralized. Email, usenet, irc, rss, and classic sites are excellent decentralized ways to publish and share. Maybe it’s not as useful as a website like github but it works.

The Linux kernel is largely developed via git and email and is as decentralized as you can find. (If you’re not familiar with Linux, there are hundreds of other software besides the “official” Linux kernel. From development kernels to long-term maintenance to distribution kernels (like Android) to all sorts of hardware-specific forks and from hundreds of decentralized Linux kernel variants , the improvements adopted by other variants appear in an evolution-like process. Successful patches spread quickly, weak patches/features disappear, and the best of them end up in the “main line” kernel.

And it’s all pretty much git & email. Not quite, because decentralization also means that you can easily use other tools to do things your own way.

Maybe a little farfetched, but I think it’s actually very relevant to this story that there are options other than Github (or any other central program).

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