Glamor New Single – “So Sorry” (featuring Blu Samu)

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Perhaps no one who has not seen Glintz live in action in 2023 would have wanted to. Just to say that in our Belgian country there is no escape from the Antwerp rapper. Quite right, by the way, because despite that it’s his first album choir Released on the eve of the first lockdown, today it can still look like a series of performances where the energy content was quite high. Now there is more, because at the end of the month Jan Maarschalk Lemmens will release a second album. We’re still guessing at the title, but with “Roma” and “All In” we already have two mouthwatering tastes on our plate. For the third single, “So Sorry,” the Antwerp resident isn’t doing it alone today: Blu Samu is his company.

The Glints seem to have, at least musically, borrowed some of the mustard from the Stromae, becoming evident with these two previous releases. And so this latest creation is in the same line, which isn’t surprising. Fortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that “So Sorry” is once again a hit, with Spanish influences taking over the roost. Where castanets still provide the introduction, it is the same Antwerp native who has the say in the great choirs, including the trumpets. A little later, Blu Samu, in Portuguese, joined the whole, causing the temperature to rise. Towards the end there is a twist that picks up the pace even more and Glints shows off his skills one last time. In other words, he can look back on a good release.

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Glints’ second untitled album will be released on April 28th. on Saturday, May 6th This record will be presented at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

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