Global Report: South Korea Govt ‘Crossroads’ As Global Concerns Rise over Variations | Corona virus

South Korea As prison explosions, nursing homes and churches continue to grow, it has released its second-highest daily corona virus cases, prompting the health minister to say the country is “at the crossroads of the third wave”. This comes as fears about new covid types have been banned from entering more countries from the UK and South Africa.

The Korea Institute for Disease Control and Prevention said there were 1,132 new corona virus cases on Friday, not far from the 1,241 records recorded on Christmas Day.

“The virus spreads anytime, anywhere,” Health Minister Guan Diok-seol told an in-house meeting, adding that even small meetings with friends and acquaintances make people vulnerable.

“As we stand at the crossroads of the third wave, how do we stop the spread hinges on how we will spend the end of this year and the New Year,” he said.

The government is expected to meet on Sunday to discuss tightening the distance rules for tougher rules for more Seoul area.

It will close another 1.2m store and allow only essential workers into the offices. Currently in place are restrictions on nightclubs, karaoke bars and other nightclubs, and on-site dining after 9pm.

Ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the government banned gatherings of more than four people in the Greater Seoul area and closed ski resorts and other tourist attractions.

Through aggression testing and contact tracking, South Korea was often able to control the early big bangs. But critics have blamed the authorities for being overconfident and failing to properly prepare for the third and biggest wave.

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Japan It has tightened its rules for travelers from South Africa, denying them the first arrival since Saturday over concerns about the new Govt variant. Japanese citizens and residents will be allowed, but will have to be self-isolated for 14 days, the NHK said.

Japan It had already banned passengers from entering UK Except for the return of Japanese and residents in fear of the new variation there. Tokyo confirmed it on Friday Five visits from the UK Entered Japan from 18 to 21 December and tested favorably for variation.

In the UK, millions faced Strict corona virus controls from Saturday, Ended a Christmas review for meetings. In the UK, a further 6 million people entered tough Tier-4 restrictions, while new locks began in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Wales, the relaxed restrictions for Christmas Day were re-enacted on Saturday.

The UK recorded 570 new deaths in 28 days on Christmas Day Favorable test for virus, Take the total deaths in the UK 70,195 within 28 days of a positive test.

Concerns around the world have mounted over the UK’s new variant Norway Ban on flights from Britain until December 29th. The ban was first imposed on December 21. “It is still possible that flights will be suspended after the New Year,” the ministry’s health ministry said.

In France, A man with the new Govt variant in the UK came home on December 19th. He was asymptomatic and isolated at home in Tours in the center France, The ministry said late Friday. The person was examined at a hospital on Dec. 21, after which it was positive for the inconvenience.

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Italian authorities discover new pressure on a patient in Rome. Italy More than 19,000 new infections and 459 people died on Friday, the health ministry said. It took more than 2 meters of the country’s epidemics – only the eighth country above that total.

The World Health Organization says nine cases of the new strain have been identified Denmark And each Netherlands And Australia

TurkeyHealth Minister Bahredin Coca said on Friday that all travelers arriving in the country next Monday must provide evidence of negative tests for the corona virus that will be carried out within 72 hours of their arrival.

Coca said passengers who fail to provide a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test result will not be allowed to board flights to Turkey. He said flying passengers from Britain, South Africa and Denmark would be subjected to isolation upon arrival and in addition to a negative test result at departure time.

In Australia, A further 39,000 trials on Christmas Day detected nine outbreaks, six of which were home contacts of individuals already found in clusters on the city’s north coast and already isolated.

Thailand On Saturday, 110 new corona virus infections were confirmed, of which 64 local infections were linked to the outbreak in the southwestern province of Samud Sakon, the country’s worst Govt outbreak.

Of the new epidemics, 30 were migrant workers and 16 were imported cases, said Thavis’ Visanuyodin, a spokesman for the country’s Govind Task Force.

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