Halla for healthy food and your health: in this store in Oosterhout, you look with your eyes and get real advice

Broeders Gezondheidswinkel & Organic Supermarket is a family business that has been around since 1939. You’ll find it all there From healthy food to nutritional supplements. And membership too! The Melis family is really ready to help everyone.

The company is now run by Wim Mehlis and his wife, Helen Melis van Campen. Since last year, the fourth and youngest generation of the Broeders family has also participated. This gives a new dimension to the organic supermarket and health store.

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new brothers

At the end of last year, Broeders Gezondheidswinkel & Organic Supermarket was renovated and expanded. There is a clear division between the organic supermarket and the health store, but it’s all under one roof. You can of course do your organic shopping at Broeders, but it’s more than just a supermarket.

The staff are not only there to operate the cash register and fill the boxes, but above all to help you. They are happy to take the time for you if you need advice or are looking for something specific. In addition, the range also To order online. useful!

Brothers brothers do it together

Last year, Tom and Mike, sons of Wim and Helen, became co-owners of the Broeders. Both brothers have their own expertise which they use to help clients. You can go to Mike for advice on nutrition and supplements. “Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but there are often supplements that can contribute to this.” He says. Tom is once again interested in things typical of entrepreneurship, such as marketing, finance, and automation: “I watch what our customers want and make sure we respond to that.” In this way they complement each other well.

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supermarket section | Photo: Brothers Health Store

So here you will find everything you are looking for when it comes to your health. Of course there are vegan products and a whole organic range, but there are also nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies the range. Not completely unimportant: The staff at Broeders Health Store know what they’re selling, so they can advise you in a targeted way.

Shop with attention to you

For example, if you have to go on a diet, discover an allergy or have another reason to modify your diet. Then you should be here in Oosterhout! The staff is happy to take the time for you. This way you learn to read labels or products and resources you can use that fit your new lifestyle.

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Health Department | Photo: Brothers Health Store

That’s why you go to the brothers

a Organic supermarket With such a wide range in such a spacious store, you won’t find it anywhere else in the area. That’s reason enough to make a visit. This also applies to the advice you can get here, because at Broeders they understand what they’re selling and how you can use it for your lifestyle, whatever your lifestyle.

But there is more! Promotions you find in different organic supermarkets are also available at Broeders. So if there are different promotions in many organic supermarkets, you will find those promotions here under one roof. Then you don’t have to go to multiple stores to get your products at a discount.

So please go to Renovated health store and organic supermarket by!

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External brothers | Photo: Brothers Health Store

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