Helmut Marko puts an end to sales rumours: “AlphaTauri remains in the hands of Red Bull”

doctor. Helmut Marko is made in Germany Formel1.de An end to all sales rumors surrounding sister team AlphaTauri. The Red Bull Racing consultant confirms that the team will not be sold and that it will strengthen relations with Red Bull.

At the beginning of the year, there was talk of a possible sale of the Red Bull Racing coaching staff. These rumors have always been denied, although it was clear that the Red Bull management were not happy with the current situation in the Italian team. To that end, the team has already made some changes. Ferrari’s Laurent Mekies will come in to replace team boss Franz Tost, although details of the transfer are yet to be decided.

AlphaTauri remains in the hands of Red Bull

Although AlphaTauri is going through big changes behind the scenes, Marko maintains that the team will continue to operate under the wings of Red Bull. “The decision has been made. AlphaTauri will remain wholly owned by Red Bull and continue to operate as a small team,” he explained. The intention is that the team will benefit more from the cooperation with Red Bull and therefore the staff will be transferred from Faenza to Bicester (UK). “The collaboration with Red Bull Racing will also be closer in terms of maximum cost and synergies,” Marko agreed with Brand CEO Oliver Mintzlaff.

changing the name

Moving staff to the UK site does not mean the team will lose its Italian identity, as the factory in Faenza will continue to be where the cars will be produced. Until 2019 the team was known as Toro Rosso and that has now changed to the AlphaTauri clothing brand. But Franz Tost reveals that may be coming to an end. “That’s not decided yet. This is in the hands of Red Bull, what they want to call the team in the future.”

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