Here are five new Pikmin invented by AI

Finally, Pikmin 4 is here. In addition to the Pikmin we know from previous games, the new game also introduces a new type of Pikmin: Glow Pikmin. However, we asked an AI robot to invent five more.

The result is interesting, in part because some of the new species appear to be a further evolution of an already existing Pikmin. Idea for Pikmin 5? Who knows, but here are some new types of Pikmin invented by AI.

luminous pikemen

These Pikmin have a fiery personality and a luminous body. It is fire resistant and can put out flaming obstacles.

Flare Pikmin can attack enemies by setting themselves on fire to deal extra damage. It is also able to lighten dark areas, making it easier for players to navigate.

Aqua Pikmin

Here are five new Pikmin invented by AI

These blue Pikmin are perfectly adapted to aquatic environments. They can breathe underwater and are excellent swimmers.

Aqua Pikmin can attack enemies underwater and collect special items from the bottom of lakes or oceans as divers. They can also form a lifeline to help other Pikmin travel safely through the water.


Here are five new Pikmin invented by AI

Electrically charged Pikmin can generate electricity and use it to electrocute enemies or activate electronic devices.

They are immune to electric shock and can navigate electrical barriers safely. Electro Pikmin can also strike lightning to clear obstacles.

Sonic Pikmin

Here are five new Pikmin invented by AI

These swift Pikmin have a distinctive spiky appearance and sharp hearing. Sonic Pikmin can send out ultrasound waves to reveal hidden objects or open secret pathways.

They are also lightning fast and can quickly evade enemies or perform special attacks based on sound waves.

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Crystal Pikmin

Here are five new Pikmin invented by AI

This translucent Pikmin has a shiny body that can reflect light. Crystal Pikmin can disguise themselves by becoming almost invisible to enemies.

They can also grow and manipulate crystals, allowing them to create new paths or solve puzzles. In addition, Crystal Pikmin can break ice barriers.

Do you have any ideas for the new Pikmin? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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