“He’s been around for 19 years and his influence is still fantastic.”

Emma Missman (29) had the honor of being praised by LeBron James in September 2019. The Lakers legend is now the leading scorer in the NBA. Messmann, who will face Germany tonight with the Belgian Cats for a ticket to the European Championship, explains this amazing achievement.


When the Stars of Heaven played Washington during the playoffs in Las Vegas, “King James” sat next to the Mystics bench and later complimented the Belgian Cat on social media for her performance. “If such a world-class star realizes you exist, something will happen,” says Meissman. “We know he supports the WNBA, but you’re a little surprised when he shows up at your game.”

or is it her goat (The Greatest of All Time, ed.) are left so in the middle. “Who is the greatest of all time? This is a never-ending discussion. There are so many different players who have excelled: Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, LeBron… I never really had a favorite. That changed every day. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was preferred by my mom. Because he Skyhawk her too signature step It was, but my style of play leans more towards Tim Duncan. My mom wouldn’t be happy that Abdul-Jabbar lost it.”

Basketball player Emma Messeman: “Everyone assumes it’s easy to win an NBA title if you’re a big name, but it’s not.”Photo by Eva Beusert

A record Messman believes is unbreakable. “LeBron looks forever young. He’s been around for nineteen years and he’s still making a huge impact. He wants to add a few more years so he can play with his son. It’s actually ridiculous that at thirty-eight he’s not even ready to say goodbye. The point total he He’s going to finish his career with it, it’s really going to go down in history because he keeps playing and scoring on the assembly line. Who’s going to break that? At least I don’t see anyone making it in the NBA right now.”

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LeBron has played 1,410 games in the NBA and averaged over 27 points per game. The statistics make you giddy, Messman says. “He is of course the most dominant player on his team and touches the ball a lot. He wasn’t always well surrounded by all teams and often had to make the difference on his own. If he was surrounded by all kinds of other stars every year, he wouldn’t have scored that many points. But Still: Get him. Especially since the defense is always focused on him. LeBron is very competitive, and he always wants to win.”

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He has four NBA titles on his record. That’s not much, given that Abdul-Jabbar has won six with the Lakers. Meeseman: “Everybody seems to assume it’s easy to win the NBA if you’re a big name, but it’s not. It’s really hard. I think those individual records and trophies are less important than the titles you win as a team. But he will be remembered forever and forever “.

What makes it so exceptional? She says he can do anything. “He’s got the body too. LeBron is strong physically. Better not crash into it at full speed, because that’s like hitting a wall. I can’t imagine I’ll be here for long with his way of playing. Over seventy games a year… He takes good care of his body, of course.” “But he’s also lucky to have good genes. You also have to be able to handle it mentally. His family has already given up a lot so James can continue to play. And of course he plays with great passion and love for his sport, otherwise it won’t last long.”

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Thomas van den Spiegel – CEO of Classics Flanders and former basketball player

“Very strong. He sets himself apart by playing extraordinary averages for twenty years. The way he works his body…he’s the strongest athlete ever, there’s a bit of an argument about that. Of course he can also play basketball, but there have been better ones. It’s It’s that combination that makes him exceptional. Even if you don’t know anything about basketball, you know what he’s about as soon as you hear his name. LeBron transcends sports. But “goat”? A 16-year-old would attest, but Michael Jordan’s influence on The game was bigger to me. It paved the way for players like Messi, Federer and LeBron to become a brand.”

Eric Goines – Program creator and former basketball commentator

“Imagine if he got hurt right before that record, you can’t think about it. And you’d be the player who beats him at that legendary point. Then your career is reduced to that horrible picture. LeBron is the ultimate basketball machine. The raw power that comes from that, with That ingenuity…God created women first, then LeBron. He has the perfect body, he’s still 38. Ridiculous. Everything comes with him so beautifully, never before. But pure beauty, real hair, you had to go To the “beautiful ballerina” Michael Jordan for that. Still “the greatest of all time”. I wish whoever wants to start this record good luck. It will be necessary. Compare it to Messi who has scored three goals per game for years. There will be life after LeBron But it won’t be easy.”

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