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The popular streaming music service has given the home screen of its mobile app a new look. The Verge, Vox Media’s US technology site with consumer electronics news and podcasts, describes it as a hotchpotch for TikTok and InstagraAD and YouTube.

The most striking fact is that you can scroll vertically through the feed from now on. New content can now also be found in addition to music: podcasts, audiobooks, live audio, and more. The image will also play a more important role. Where Spotify has tried to allow the user to discover new things by cramming everything into a compact feed, the different types of content will be placed separately so everything gets more space.

When you open the new Spotify, album covers and playlists remain at the top, but a video stream now pops up below that starts playing automatically, and can be switched to with a simple tap.

Other innovations were also presented at the “Stream On” event last March 8, where Spotify showed off all the new developments. For example, AI will provide more personalized content in Smart Shuffle, which also temporarily adds new tracks to an existing playlist. There is the possibility to host a personal radio show.

detailed discussion of All the latest from The Verge. Then you know TechCrunch, the American online newspaper that focuses on high-tech companies and startups Spotify also tunes podcasters, including Anchor. They’ll also collaborate with Patreon, the service that lets podcasters and other creators get paid for their work. (HVG)

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