How healthy and healing is a ginger potion really?

You can find it in the supermarket, in the greengrocer’s, but now also in the kiosk at the station. Ginger shot for sale everywhere. This magical ginger shot will support our resistance and have a healing effect, but what is true about it?

You don’t have to search long for a ginger potion. For just a few euros, you can find the spicy drink that will give your immune system a nice boost. But the yellow syringe will also help relieve pain and be an anti-inflammatory. But is this true?

Does ginger shot have healing properties?

Scientific research Find it out. According to the Nutrition Center, there is nothing wrong with eating ginger. On the contrary, it fits into a healthy diet. But the Nutrition Center confirms that ginger does not work miracles.

There is little scientific evidence about the healing power of ginger, says Ringer Wittkamp, ​​professor of nutritional biology at Wageningen University. This also applies to the claim that it is useful for your resistance. Some studies show that ginger helps a little against the pain of osteoarthritis. “

A shot of ginger from the supermarket

Ginger is known to help treat nausea. But Witkamp doubts whether a dose of ginger from the supermarket will have the same desired effect. “Not every shot of ginger contains the same amount of ginger and often fruit juice is added to soften the taste.” Therefore, it is advised to read the list of juice ingredients. You probably get more apple juice than ginger.

If you feel like a dose of ginger gives you a boost? correct. This is because ginger stimulates the same receptors in your body as pepper, among other things. It is known to make you more alert and give you a temporary kick. “It actually has the same effect as very spicy food,” says the professor.

The placebo effect

Incidentally, Witkamp also notes that the placebo effect may be involved. “You think you’re healthy and it makes you feel better,” he concludes. And if you’re wondering if ginger tea helps with a sore throat? Dive into it subway previously.

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How Healing And Healthy Ginger Enema?

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