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Ordinary Philippa Langley astounded friend and foe alike with her relentless search for the remains of the embattled King Richard III. based on her life The lost king He works as a likable detective, but sometimes gets off track.

Stephen Frears’ first scenes The lost king He introduced Philippa Langley (Sally Hawkins) as a gray mouse who allows everyone to walk over her. That changes when Philippa attends a performance of Shakespeare Richard III be seen. She became obsessed with the mysteries of the King, who was known as the Humpbacked Beast. When she learns that the King’s group photo is based on false sources, she begins an investigation.

The first half of the film shows Philippa’s bumpy search for the truth behind Richard III’s infamous reputation and the location of his skeleton. The lost kingCreated by Khalaf Team Philomena (2013), showing in an accessible way that one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in modern history was based on an unlikely combination of perseverance, opportunism, and serendipity. Alexandre Desplat’s Hitchcock-esque music emphasizes that historical research can be more interesting than it sounds.

Philippa repeatedly converses with the imaginary Richard III (Harry Lloyd) in the film. The scenes should make clear the supernatural connection she feels with the king, but above all they take the momentum out of the story. On the other hand, the self-assured British humor is a welcome addition. As when Philippa’s visit to a nerdy club for Richard III fans contrasts with how her ex-husband (Steve Coogan, the film’s co-writer and producer) is meanwhile enjoying a stylized action scene in the cinema’s latest James Bond film – which subtly emphasizes the exclusivity of her obsession.

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Although Sally Hawkins does her best to portray the main character as an emotional underdog, it’s not always easy to empathize with Philippa. At times she seems pushy and the movie focuses so much on her gut feeling that it demands a lot of indulgence from a rational viewer. What is credible is Philippa’s relationship with her stoic ex-husband, who, despite his misgivings, is lovingly supportive of her.

Unfortunately, the film is ultimately mired in a one-dimensional battle between Philippa and the academic elite. By introducing yet another ruthless, opportunistic villain at the end, the film rejects the nuances it had so carefully constructed before. That’s how it happens The lost king Nothing more than a light British drama about a successful amateur detective.

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