These artists will perform during the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool –

A month before the Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool, the British public broadcaster BBC has announced the names of several artists who will take part in one of the shows. British, Ukrainian and Kosovar artists will give their best.

The Kosovar artist who now lives in England is a world-renowned singer Rita Ora. He will perform during the first semi-final and perform a medley of his most popular hits. The semi-final will be opened by one of the presenters, as is becoming tradition. Ukrainian Juliet Sanina He will be performing with his band The Hardkiss. He also suddenly brings his latest song I appreciate you along with

Faith and courage

He still sings during this show Alyosha (ESF for Ukraine 2010) together with Liverpool Rebecca Ferguson. Like many others, Alyosha has left his country and will tell his story with a new version of it. ordinary world From Duran Duran. Alyosha and Rebekah tell a story of faith, courage, and hope Support for the Ukrainian people.

Overcome the darkness

During the second semi-final Mary Yaremchuk (ESF 2014) under the title Music unites generations A contemporary collection of his country’s most popular music. At the end, rapper OTOY and Zlata Dziunka (JESF 2022) sing with Maria. Together they want to show that Ukrainians have music from generation to generation Light is overcoming darkness. It looks like it’s part of the Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s been reported that you are Who you can be. Who you want to be The Eurovision Song Contest sends the message that there is a place for everyone, no matter who you are. Three pullPerformers will perform with a troupe of dancers of different styles. It will be a combination of amazing songs and incredible performances that the audience will remember.

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When who Grand Final It’s a secret for now that all will work. The names for the semi-finals promise to bring a positive message to all the shows. We may see more well-known names emerge to deliver that message in the finale.

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