Hundreds of Afghan commandos can join the British army

Afghan Special Forces personnel are said to have played a crucial role in Operation Pitting, which forced 15,000 people to leave Kabul.

Reporter in London

After India’s independence in 1947, a tripartite agreement was concluded between Britain, India and Nepal to allow the transfer of several regiments of Gurkhas to the British Army, where these men still serve in the number of 4,000. Seven decades later, it has become somewhat similar to the model set by political and military figures When they suggested that the leaked Afghan Special Forces personnel form a special regiment in the service of Her Majesty.

Former parliamentarians and ministers – often ex-soldiers – as well as generals believe the hundreds of former Afghan commandos, who arrived in the UK in this tragic month of August, can be integrated into the British army after fighting with it for more than a decade. This integration will be part of the pledge Boris Johnson made on Sunday “Do everything in your power to ensure the participation of the demobilized Afghans in the life and economy of the country.”.

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