Iceland declares symbol red after a volcanic eruption near the capital

After a volcanic eruption on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula, about 30 kilometers southwest of the capital, Reykjavik, glowing red lava was still pouring into Thursday.

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Icelandic television showed images of molten lava dripping from a fissure hundreds of feet long in a rugged terrain. White smoke was constantly rising from the rock.

The eruption began on Wednesday afternoon near Mount Vagradalsvial, where the volcano has been active last year for six months. The natural phenomenon was not a surprise to scientists, as they had previously recorded earthquakes and underground magma movements. According to the results, there will be no significant danger to people or the environment. It is not yet clear how long the eruption will last this time. Iceland has declared a code red for air traffic over the region.

Meanwhile, the series of earthquakes continues, although the number of shocks has decreased significantly since the eruption of the volcano. Data from the Icelandic Meteorological Service showed that another earthquake of magnitude 4.6 was measured on the peninsula Thursday morning.

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