“If a film opens a controversy, that’s a good thing”: British director Alan Parker is gone

It directed Robert De Niro and Kate Winslet, as well as Madonna. And he made a movie for Pink Floyd. Alan Parker, British director Midnight Express, Fame, the wall at Avoid He passed away at the age of 76.

“I come from a generation that sees film as an important medium, and the best directors are those who have something to say.” It is a mortal sin to make a movie like these people Forget about as soon as they leave the room. ”This is what British director Alan Parker said in this newspaper five years ago. At that time, he was the chairman of the jury at Film Fest Gent, but above all he remained the director of impressive and often controversial films.

Parker started his movie career directing in commercials, but he made the move to the big screen in 1976 with a quirky movie BUGSY MALONE, A gangster thriller in which children – including young Jodi Foster – play the lead and fire machine guns instead of bullets. “Young actors mean honesty and innocence. I always ask adult actors to be honest and loyal play. Children do it by themselves, without thinking.”

He continued his start with Midnight Express, Based on a scenario by Oliver Stone about an American student being assaulted in a Turkish prison. Parker’s harsh and brutal direction was praised, but the way the Turks are portrayed has been criticized: “too stereotypical” and simply “anti-turmeric,” apparently. Also in order Mississippi Burn (1988), on the murders of three civil rights activists, Parker is criticized: the film will deviate too much from the real facts.

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Parker said, “When the movie opens a debate, it’s fine – it was my intention” the morning. But with Mississippi Burn, Which dealt with racism in the United States, ran Controversy gets out of hand, then people forget about your film. ”

running Midnight Express Parker is left with an Oscar nomination and score It was supplied by electrical pioneer Giorgio Moroder. After that, Parker has also worked with the legendary Pink Floyd Musician band the wall (1982). Previously he was breathing new life into the teenage musical Fame (1980), after which he would direct Madonna in politics Avoid (1996). at Angel Heart (1987), with Robert De Niro, he went on the horror tour again. In 2003 he retired from directing with The life of David GillStarring Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet.

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