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In good health at work?

There are several ways to maintain the health and vitality of your employees. One way is to search in Bago. The PAGO focuses on any health (occupational) risks for employees within your company. The study looks at work-related risks.

When is Bajo investigated?
The best part is that this research has a protective effect. You can make this survey available once every three months, for example. This way you stay ahead of any issues and you’ll know what’s going on inside your company. Depending on the results of the research, any adjustments can be made within the company to improve the productivity and health of your employees. Please note that pago scanning is not mandatory. It can only be made mandatory in certain high-risk occupations.

Bajo survey results
It’s good for employees to know that results are displayed anonymously. So it’s not about individual results, it’s about the bigger picture. The employer can use the results to make adjustments that benefit employees.

If several employees are experiencing headaches, for example, the employer can see if there is something to do about air quality.

The difference is baju and pmo
where search baju Focusing solely on any risks associated with the company, the PMO study focuses on the overall health of employees. Nowadays, more and more companies have replaced pago research with pmo research.

It gives them a better picture of their employees’ health and so they can focus better on preventing absenteeism.

Benefits of Baju and PMO . Research
Both studies have a huge advantage for the employer. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce absenteeism and keep employees productive. Of course, this saves costs on the business owner. It is good for the employee for the employer to take the health of his employees seriously and to know in time if action should be taken.

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