Lightyear raises €93 million in funding in 2021

Lightyear raises €93 million in funding in 2021

Lightyear has already raised 93 million euros in funding in 2021. This amount will be used to continue the development and production of Lightyear One and to expand activities, as there are possibilities to open a new office and development sites in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Utrecht) and possibilities for expansion to Germany and the US Kingdom to be explored.

Della Collaborative, an international insurer and funeral director committed to creating a sustainable future, has invested and supports Lightyear’s mission to provide clean mobility for everyone, everywhere in the world. With both companies focused on the future and sustainability, they are well suited for further impact and growth.

Private investor Joop van Caldenburgh is also investing in Lightyear. Van Caldenborgh is a Dutch businessman and one of the first investors in SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation) in the Netherlands. He is also an avid art collector and founder of the prestigious Forlinden Museum.

Earlier this year, Lightyear announced a partnership and collaboration with multinational SHV, one of the world’s largest private trading groups. This cooperation is accompanied by a strategic investment of 20 million euros. Along with several other investors (both institutional and private), Lightyear has raised $110 million (€93 million) in funding so far in 2021.

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