PS5 firmware 2.0 is said to bring minor improvements to games

PlayStation 5 recently received a major firmware update that makes it possible to install an additional SSD in the console. A number of experts now say that a software update will improve the performance of some games.

In the Weekly live digital foundry View, PS5 has been fixed and a comparison has been made between the old and new firmware. “In some specific scenarios, it appears that [alle] Richard Ledbetter of Digital Foundry said:

He then explains that the differences in performance are minimal. The new firmware ensures that Control and Devil May Cry 5 are about 2 to 3 percent faster than the old firmware. In practice, this means that the frame rate goes up. This is a very small increase from 1 to 2 FPS.

This discovery was made while testing Digital Foundry with new PlayStation 5 hardware. At the end of the tests, it was concluded that there are no significant differences between the original PS5 and the updated variant.

During testing, the team found that the old PS5 performed slightly better than the new version. After a deeper search, it turns out that this is due to the rolling update that the old PlayStation was running on. After supplying all consoles with the update, Digital Foundry discovered that this was the culprit.

Although there is a slight improvement in performance, it will not be visible to the naked eye.

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