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Road works, day trips and good weather. He will also be busy on the track this year during the Ascent Weekend. But what should you pay attention to if you get in the car between today and Sunday evening? “If you go to sea, you have to take into account that work is also done on the roads to the coast,” says Peter Bruyninckx of the Flemish Traffic Center in the conversation which you can watch below.

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Evening rush hour begins on Wednesday afternoon

On the Wednesday before Ascension Day, it is usually very crowded on Belgian roads. This time too, it looks like the evening rush hour is going to be one of the toughest times of the year. This started early in the day. “At this time, at noon, we already have more traffic than usual. We expect it to be very difficult, for example towards the coast,” Bruyninckx says in the HLN LIVE studio.

The traffic congestion gauge at the Flemish Traffic Center shows that there was indeed an exceptional amount of traffic jams at around half and half on Wednesday. © Flemish Traffic Centre

Locations from west to east, with the E313 in Wommelgem being a bottleneck

During Ascension weekend, there are three major construction sites on the highways that you should take note of. The Kennedy Tunnel in Antwerp towards the Netherlands will be closed from Thursday evening at 9pm until Sunday morning at 8am. “If you come from Ghent via the E17, you cannot go directly to the Kennedy Tunnel, but you have to follow the diversion via the R2 in the port of Antwerp. There you will get the Lefkenshuk Tunnel, which fortunately will be free in the direction of Holland, ”the spokesman explains.

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To the east, a bottleneck will emerge at the E313 near Wommelgem. There, traffic in both directions is required to use two narrow halfway lanes, from 8pm on a Wednesday evening to 5am on a Monday. “We recommend avoiding that environment if possible,” Bruyninckx says on HLN LIVE.

Finally, the Lummen junction is being worked on. From Wednesday evening 11pm until Monday 5am, the connecting loop will be closed on the E313 from Antwerp to the E314 in the direction of Holland.

Sunday crowds depending on the weather

The return trip on a Sunday always involves a lot of auto traffic on the highways. This will certainly be the case on the motorway between the coast and Ghent, but also on the eastern part of the Brussels Ring. “It depends on the weather when the traffic flow is fully operational. When the weather is nice, people stay a little longer at sea,” estimates a traffic center spokesperson.

Bruyninckx also recommends you check out the website for Flemish Traffic Centre to watch.

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