Intel Arc Alchemist GPU launch in doubt

The release of Intel Arc Alchemist has barely been officially announced, but the GPU is already starting to emerge as the hero of its soap opera.

Intel has been fixing its GPUs for several years now. With this, the manufacturer wants to compete with Nvidia and AMD. Intel has been vague about the exact launch of its first graphics cards for a long time, but that all changed at CES. The manufacturer announced that the first Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs It should be released in the first quarter of this year. At the same time, Acer announced a new Swift X that has an Intel Arc GPU. However, Acer has remained ambiguous about availability.

delay, no modification

Find out now Video Cards That Intel abruptly removed all mention of the launch of Alchemist in the first quarter from its website. The manufacturer is only talking about 2022. And this is amazing, as Intel confidently spoke about its launch in the first quarter during its presentations. The lack of clarity raises questions about the availability of Acer laptops.

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Meanwhile, Intel announced an event on May 10 called VISion. There’s a good chance the official launch of the Arc will be pushed back to this event, which means we can look forward to Intel GPUs as soon as possible in the second quarter.

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